Sunday, July 18, 2010

Differences Between Hp Printer Ink And Lexmark Printer Ink Types

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Hewlett-Packard and Lexmark are two of the fiercest competitors in the consumer printing industry today. Both companies have been trying to outdo each other point for point in order to capture a bigger share of the market. This is clearly shown by the wide range of printers and printer inks and other printing supplies that they have that are essentially similar in features and benefits.When it comes to printer inks, both HP and Lexmark have specific types of inks for use on their various printers. The most popular type of printer ink that HP has is none other than the HP Vivera. On the side of Lexmark, we have the Lexmark Evercolor series. Now, the question is: How do these two types of prinkter inks compare with each other?The Characteristics of the HP ViveraThe HP Vivera is the printer ink that HP has formulated for its higher-end inkjet printers. Examples of these printers are those in the HP Photosmart series and the all-in-one inkjets. According to HP, the best points of the HP Vivera are its high degree of color fidelity and the durability of prints produced with this HP inks.Color printouts created with the HP Vivera are known to be exceptionally brilliant and vibrant. The reason why this is possible is that the Vivera makes use of an eight-ink printing system. Together, these eight colors combine to create around 72.9 million colors, thus assuring sharp and detailed colored prints.But the HP Vivera is not just good for color printouts. The black inks of the Vivera are made using pigments, which make for intense and resilient blacks. However, HP has come up with a formulation that makes the Vivera pigment inks pop with a kind of brilliance almost akin to dye inks.HP also prides itself on the purity of how the company has formulated the HP Vivera. This results in printouts that are smooth, not grainy and is highly resistant to fading. Printouts made with the Vivera are said to last 200 years in a photo album.The Characteristics of the Lexmark EvercolorJust like the HP Vivera, the Lexmark Evercolor is also formulated for Lexmark’s higher-end printers, particularly its photo-printing inkjet and all-in-one models. Lexmark also highlights the high color fidelity and durability of the printouts made with its Lexmark Evercolor. This type of Lexmark ink is actually best used for printing photos on a Lexmark printer.The Lexmark Evercolor also uses a multi-color printing system, similar to that of the HP Vivera. The difference here is that the Vivera uses eight colors while the Evercolor uses six colors. The Evercolor hybrid printer ink system always makes use of one photo cartridge and one color cartridge. This produces sharp and brilliant color printouts.According to tests, the Lexmark Evercolor works best when used for glossy photo printouts.As we can see, there really is not much of a difference between the HP Vivera and the Lexmark Evercolor. It all depends on your own personal preferences when it comes to printers, whether you like HP more than Lexmark or the other way around.

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